Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Curse of the Israelites

A UN report has dammned Israel for war crimes during the recent assault on Gaza. So what does Israel wants to do? They want to amend the International law of War, also known as the Hague Conventions so that they can do whatever they want. Look at this sheer arrogance of the Israelis. If the whole universe does not suit them, they will try to change the universe itself. This arrogance has been mentioned many times in the Quran as the downfall of the Israelites many times in the past and it will eventually lead to another more fatal one in the future.

For those of you who are despairing of the genocide and ethnic cleansing being done by Israel on Palestinians, fear not. The forces of history (and Allah) are stronger than any weapons that the Israelis possess. How did the Jewish people survived more than a thousand years of pogroms, genocide and discrimination by Europeans? They survived because they were everywhere. If one country decides to wipe them out, they just move to another. Case in point, when the Muslim Moors were pushed out of Spain by the Reconquistas, the Jews who were living there in peace under Muslim rule, were persecuted and decided to escape to Muslim Turkey.

Now however, they have rashly decided to put all of their eggs into one basket. Instead of being everywhere, they are now concentrated into one small area, surrounded by enemies. Unlike the surrounding countries, Israel does not have a lot of natural resources and depends on the US to prop it up. What happens if the US collapses? Such a scenario is unthinkable a decade ago, when the US claimed "victory" over the Soviet Union when in truth, the Soviets defeated themselves.

The US, under Reagan, goaded the Soviets into spending more money than they can afford into their military until finally the Soviet economy collapse. Now, we are seeing the same thing happening to the US with its "war on terror" and "al-Qaeda". The US is literally printing away money to fund this war, a war that it can never win because there is no one to declare victory over. The US is also spiralling into paranoia, creating ever stricter anti-terrorism laws that chips away at their citizen's freedom and rights. Already the US are using torture and assassinations, methods that it used to condemn the Soviets of doing. This is not sustainable and like the Soviets, they will eventually collapse. This is nothing new of course. Through out history, empires have risen and fallen. The mightiest empire in history, the British Empire, eventually fell, so why not the American empire?

Coming back to Israel, if you find yourself surrounded by enemies, the wise action is to make peace with them or at least divide them so that they will not focus on you. Instead, Israel in its arrogance, decides to poke the beehive even when it is stuck in the quicksand, confident that US will remain supreme for eternity. Mark my words, when the US finally collapses as a superpower, the Muslim world will swoop down on them like vultures onto carrion. Since the Israelis have conveniently gathered into one place, they will reap the rewards of their arrogance.


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